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Honoring the historic tradition of intricately crafted sorority and fraternal jewelry, Herff Jones has assured that the storied heritage of fraternal jewelry artistry would persist and prosper. Founded in 1920, the Herff Jones legacy as a leading provider of scholastic, collegiate, commercial, military, and sports championship rings provides the perfect complement to our respectively rich history and longstanding, loyal fraternity and sorority customers whose desire for beautifully rendered badges and official jewelry has endured, unabated, for decades.


At Billhighway we come together to solve complex problems for member-based organizations and their components. The driving force behind the reason we come to work every day and push the limits is our desire to help others do more, create more impact and grow more.

We are makers, sellers, and implementers of sustainable software solutions for the not-for-profit marketspace. We are expert consultants, developers, designers, and all-around nerds.

MJ Insurance exists to inspire the success, fulfillment, and wellbeing of each person we serve: our associates and their families, business partners, clients, and our community. We make the organizations we work with better, smarter, and more efficient. And we’re changing the way people think about insurance—always raising the bar about what you should expect from your insurance and risk management agency.

Shelle is a marketing/communications firm serving the nonprofit community with focus on membership organizations. We channel the passion for your organization into creative energy that speaks to your members. We help you…Strengthen membership connections •• Increase visibility for your programs and services •• Build brand loyalty through engaging experiences


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